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Investment Professionals

If you needed heart surgery, would you go to a podiatrist or a specialized heart surgeon? Both are likely to be competent, experienced medical professionals, after all.

Of course, you'd choose the heart surgeon. Medicine is too complicated for any one person to acquire an in-depth knowledge of all of its specializations. You would choose the physician most likely to be able to serve your specific needs most effectively.

The same holds true for financial professionals. CPAs, insurance professionals, estate planning and tax attorneys, financial planners, and many others offer invaluable services, each specializing in the areas they know best.

If your needs relate to investment management — creating a portfolio designed specifically for your return and risk objectives, structuring that portfolio to meet your goals to retire, fund your children's education, build a business, transfer your wealth to your family's next generation, or preserve your wealth while earning a reasonable return — you need experienced investment professionals.

The professionals at Insight Wealth Management, Inc., specialize in tailoring investment portfolios to your personal needs. Moreover, our services encompass more than basic portfolio management. We practice wealth management, which means we address your investment needs with a comprehensive approach.

We do not claim to be experts in everything. If you have estate planning, tax, insurance, or other financial needs, we put together and coordinate the efforts of a team of experienced professionals who are experts in their fields.

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Sales Professionals Versus Financial Professionals

Do not be misled by some firms that label their sales professionals as financial advisors, planners, or other questionable titles. In recruiting financial professionals, one corporation seeking skilled sales people describes their financial services professional careers in this way: "In this entrepreneurial, consultative sales position, your responsibilities will include lead generation, managing client accounts, implementing marketing plans," and describes their assessment questionnaire for prospective employees, as "designed to identify those individuals who have the characteristics of successful competitive sales people." Another corporation is even more blunt saying: "The ... Investment Representative career is not for everyone. This is an intense sales position suiting only the most driven."

Before Hiring a Financial Professional

The CFA Institute, CFP Board, Financial Planning Association, and other organizations publish a wealth of information for consumers on hiring investment and financial planning professionals. We connect you with these organizations and many more.

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